Language Editing

Professional language review for (academic) texts


A final check of your document by an expert who actually likes doing this!


Translations into English or Dutch from a variety of European languages


Miluska Kooij has been editing my academic English for two over two years. She has always done an incredible job. She is absolutely reliable, fast and thorough. She is creative yet never betrays the meaning of the text. She is extremely careful. In fact I have also hired her for proofreading. The fact that my writings were sometimes extremely abstract has never posed any problem.
In sum, I absolutely recommend her services.
Prof. Ruth Rubio Marin European University Institute
All my publications have been expertly edited by Miluska for general writing style, coherence of arguments and overall structure. Additionally, she prepared the manuscripts for publication, and did the proofreading. She has great insight into the way academic publications should be set up in order to be published, and pays attention to the smallest details.
I would recommend her services wholeheartedly.
Heko Scheltema Assistant professor University of Amsterdam